Training Program

About Our Training Program

My 1st Job provides high-school, and graduate students who are studying in China and overseas with the most professional training programs in worldwide commercial operations and investment banking. The course will be taught online and offline by professors from well-known universities as well as industry veterans such as investment banking executives and top 500 world executives. Our aim is to open a bright future for overseas students with higher education and employment overseas through the training program and to stand out in the current highly competitive talent market.


Program Advantage

Counseling and training students become elite applicants to universities and competitive job seekers to achieve a successful transition between school and workplace. The main contents of the program include: business case analysis and evaluation, career planning and orientation, multinational corporate culture and workplace requirements, interview and resume coaching,etc.
Enhance personal comprehensive ability
  • Standards Tests (SAT/GMAT/TOEFL/IETLS)
  • Interview skills sharing
  • Globalization professional background
Improve comprehensive workplace ability
  • Richer overseas workplace experience
  • Recommendation and assessment by prestigious professors and experts
  • Chinese and Western culture exchange
01-Training Program
New York Investment Bank Program, traditional commercial bank practice, Los Angeles media film program
02-Training Form
On site or online coaching
03-Training Destination
New York or Los Angeles
Universities Partners
Enterprises partners

Recommendation and Assessment by professors and experts
Clear career planning, inspire self potential
Learn about operations for overseas commercial companies and investment banks.
Enhance personal comprehensive ability (interview skills and resume writing), lay foundation for future development

Project Experience
Explore the boundless excellence of overseas, improve the self in all directions, and achieve the perfect combination of learning, tourism, experience and friendship.

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