Overseas Internship
Internship Program Overview
My 1 st Job has long term cooperation with overseas colleges and universities from different countries and the world of international companies, internship program covers the 11 cities as many as five countries and more than 30 professional fields, successfully helped tens of thousands of students in different countries and different areas to obtain ideal short-term and long-term internship and Job opportunities. International internship and job opportunities provide work and communicate with overseas full-time employees under closed environment directly, let every student can develop international vision, strengthen the English language ability, improve practice ability. It aims to help students apply their knowledge and language skills to practical work.
Our Service
1.Match internship positions for students and companies
We are 100% guaranteed to find a brilliant internship for you as long as you apply. The duration for each internship range from 2 month to 1 year.
2.Training students to become "qualified" applicants. Successful transition between school and workplace.
Career planning, Learning multinational corporation culture and workplace requirements, How to create "personal brand", How to create a good employment status, Personal image, Interview skills, Resume revision, How to use online social platform, How to shape your own workplace image.
3.Get visa and other materials
Counseling students to obtain a valid visa for internship country, to meet the legal and regulatory requirements for Chinese students.
4.Provide complete logistics support system.
The unified arrangement of high standards overseas practice accommodation,transportation and meals will let the students and their parents feel at ease in the internship
5.Unified dormitory management
We usually use local university dormitory. There is a unified resident supervisor who is in charge of the patrol room to ensure safety.
6.Supervise the entire internship process
Set weekly internship goals with students. Tutor give guidance 3 times a week on working experience and difficulties encountered during internship.
7.Expand future career opportunities
We hold seminars at evening and weekends, during which students may have face-to-face communication with executives who have rich working experience, thus students can learn how to present themselves before opportunities.
Program Advantages
Focused on Internship industry for more than 17 years
It’s only a beginning for us to match the internship for students. We aim at helping students get experience and lay foundation for their further career planning.
System resources and geographic support system
3,000+ company resources, 20+ Landing Service Guidance Team, AI background system, and one-to-one coaching by senior HR consultants.
Transnational counseling and service
24/7 counseling across China and internship country, exempt students and parents from future worries.
American Universities academic credit included
Results can be transferred to American Universities' academic credit once passed the internship.
Certified by Fortune 500
Recommendation letter will be offered based on the excellent performance during internship which will lay foundation for students' future job.
My 1st Job Global Network
My1stJob's large capital support, worldwide investment and operation create a social networking platform for students during internship, also provide unlimited help for future start-ups
Have a nice summer, winter and spring vacation with students from all over the world.
Prepare for the work after graduation,and boost your self-confidence.
Have a better understanding for the industries you'd like to devote yourself to and set a clear career plan.
Build a strong network of contacts, and make friends with elite from all over the world.
Develop a strong self-care ability and a sense of independence.
Full-time job invitation will be offered based on the internship performance.
Unforgettable travel, living, working experience
Program Corporations

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